Thursday, July 11, 2024

Know Your Khagolshala

Khagolshala a brand under the ages of Arun And Sons Innovations (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. is envisaged to provide astronomy educations to one and all from the comfort of their home or mobile, as and when they desire. Moving the courses out of the classroom by providing in-depth knowledge and theory of the concept. The practical demonstrations we are attaching with the course is explained in depth so that you can go out and try.

Khagolshala has been created with the aim of expanding your vision and mission, which is to promote astronomy at all levels. All our brands are touching lives in one way or the other so as to bring their interest back to skies so that they can re-live their childhood dream to touch the stars. Khagolshala will be the epitome of astronomy education where anyone, of any age group will join and learn the physics behind it.

With Khagolshala, we are hoping to bring together various universities, institutions and renowned professors who could collaborate and bring out exciting and interesting educational modules which will be beneficial to all.