Introduction to Astrophotography

Astrophotography as the name suggest is a combination of Astronomy and Photography. One can describe astrophotography as “The Art of Science or The Science of Art”. It comprises of both the science and the art aspect to it. Astrophotography today is a simple tool to record observations and to keep records for a longer period with more accuracies and aspects in order to study the long duration changes observed in the celestial objects. The photography of these objects also ensure that we can record observations beyond what we can perceive with our eyes.

Astrophotography today is being perceived as art among the amateurs as well. There are many photographers who love to go out at night and take images of the celestial objects. The amateur astronomers who have motorised telescopes, do attach a camera to the telescope and take images of these galaxies, nebulae etc. Travel and Landscape photographers have also captured beautiful night-caps to add value to their images and to give a different perspective to the destinations.

Astrophotography gives us the opportunity to collect information of celestial objects and do analysis of different kind with the same set of data. The digital form today has made it easy for us to share the observations and findings with people around the world and also has given us opportunity to work in different spectrums of information.

Astrophotography in general is known as the process of taking pictures of the night sky. Since there are different kind of objects, there are different ways in which the same can be captured. The process has various names and in this section, we are going to cover most of them.

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